Liberty Hall is the home of many superlatives. It’s been called the finest example of Federal architecture in Kentucky. The house features furniture and decorative furnishings that may be unrivaled in their authenticity and range. And the estate was the home of one of Kentucky’s original United States Senators, John Brown.

Best of all, the house, all of its contents and the beautiful grounds have been painstakingly restored and preserved, making it one of the most rewarding home tours in any state. Oh… and it’s widely believed that the house is haunted.

Built between 1796 and 1804—at the height of the Federal architecture craze—Liberty Hall is a perfect window into life in early Kentucky. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the everyday activities of the people who lived—and worked—here, including the lawyer, congressman and senator, John Brown, his New York-born wife and their children, and the people who lived with them as their enslaved labor, chief among them the Stepney family. In addition to the main house, you can see the semi-detached kitchen, basement laundry, and the smokehouse.

One guest said of the interior, “Each room is a treasured time piece, and I appreciated every detail.”

The site also includes more than 4 acres of grounds and flower gardens, which many guests use as a location for lunch or simply relaxing.