The exterior view behind the Kent Plantation House.

Kent Plantation House ~ c. 1796

Standing tall in the heart of the Bayou State. Predating the Louisiana Purchase by around seven years is Kent Plantation House, an authentic Creole house that remains today as one of the oldest still-standing structures in the state. But a future as a preserved slice of central Louisiana’s early 18th-century history wasn’t always in the cards for this elevated beauty.  Alexandria, LA
The Loevers at the Oakley House.

Oakley Plantation ~ 1815

A bird-lover's paradise. Nestled at the heart of the 100-acre Audubon State Historic Site, discover Oakley Plantation, temporary home of John James Audubon. St. Francisville, LA

Craik-Patton House ~ 1834

Most historic houses have one famous owner. Most historic houses have one famous owner. This isn’t most houses. The Craik-Patton House threads its story from General Washington to General Patton. Charleston, WV

Clarke House Museum ~ 1836

A Greek Revival with two relocations and a fire thrown in. Clarke House Museum is a perfect example of a Greek Revival residence. It’s also an example of resilience, resourcefulness and resplendence. Chicago, IL

Kilbourntown House ~ 1844

If you love Greek Revival, you’ve found your Church. Benjamin Church built a perfect example of a Greek Revival residence and it’s been filled with dazzling period artifacts. It’s also been amazingly resorted. Shorewood, WI

The Oaks House Museum ~ c. 1853

A proud survivor of the Civil War. In the middle of May, 1863, Union troops moved into Jackson, Mississippi and took over. They burned half the town (and perhaps drank a little rum), but the Boyd house, now known as The Oaks House Museum, was spared. Built about 10 years earlier as a modest cottage for a middle-class family, the fact that it escaped the fire allowed generations of the Boyd family to occupy this home for over 100 years. Jackson, MS
the exterior of Neill-Cochran House Museum

Neill-Cochran House Museum ~ 1856

Greek-revival holds clues to Austin’s history. Designed and constructed by master builder Abner Cook, this home was witness to the Civil War and was home to boarders, immigrants, Federal soldiers, an acting Governor of Texas and two prominent families. And yet the couple who originally had it built never lived in it for even one day. Austin, TX
Dorr House Exterior

Dorr House ~ 1871

Greek Revival with a Southern Accent. The Dorr House boasts all the classic Greek Revival elements with tasteful and clever nods to the Southern heat. It all adds up to a classically cool stroll through the late 19th century. Pensacola, FL